Need to get the word out about something big?

Do you have a news article, op-ed, press release or advertisement that needs writing and editing — fast?

Do you have great ideas but struggle with the right words to convey them?

Consider me.

When you hire me, you get:

  • Clear, concise and compelling copy
  • Meticulously accurate content
  • A tone and style tailored to your unique audience

My name is Leo Rommel, a New Jersey-based editor and reporter turned PR flack and ghostwriter. This is my online portfolio. Get comfortable, look around, stay awhile.

Read what I have written and what colleagues said about me when I was:

  •     An account manager at SmartMark Communications.
  •     An editor at Industry Week.
  •     A reporter at the Home News Tribune.
  •     An intern at Fox News Channel.
  •     An intern at CBS News.